The Battlemap helps you uncover the opportunities other people don’t see in President Trump’s economy. It’s a calm, disciplined guide to managing your financial decisions and maintaining your wealth.

The Battlemap is a joint effort between Breitbart News and the Maganomics Institute. Breitbart wades through all the sensationalism to report the truth… And the Maganomics Institute combines this with the financial expertise of world-renowned wealth manager Eoin Treacy.

In each monthly issue of The Battlemap, Eoin will identify the opportunities that will help protect your retirement accounts and continue to grow your wealth for the future. President Trump’s next moves could mint another class of millionaires. Our hope is you’ll be one of them.

Publication’s Expert

Eoin Treacy is a world-renowned wealth manager, strategist, analyst, writer, commentator, lecturer and fund manager. Eoin is globally recognised...

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